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Rural Carrier Benefit Plan
Providing superior service to rural letter carriers nationwide
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Telehealth Services

Telehealth through American Well – A Faster, Easier Way to See a Doctor.

Telehealth consultations are available to for the following specialties through our telehealth vendor, American Well (Amwell®):

  • Doctors of Medicine (MD)
  • Registered Dieticians (RD)
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW)
  • Psychologists

Benefits of using Amwell:

  • Covered at 100% - you pay nothing!
  • US board certified doctors
  • Prescriptions sent to pharmacy of choice, if necessary
  • No appointment necessary
  • Private and secure
  • Skip waiting rooms

Amwell can be used any time, day or night. It’s perfect when your doctor’s office is closed, you’re too sick or busy to see someone in person, or even when you’re traveling.

You can address most common issues such as: colds, fever, rash, ear infections, and migraines. You can also see a therapist for ongoing counseling for concerns such as: depression, anxiety, and stress, as well as a dietician for diet and nutrition help. This service is available 24/7.

When Would You Use Amwell?

  • You should probably see a doctor, but can’t fit it into your schedule
  • Your doctor’s office is closed
  • You feel too sick to drive
  • You have children at home and don’t want to bring them with you
  • It's difficult for you to get a doctor's appointment
  • You’re traveling and stuck in a hotel room

There are 3 easy ways to sign up:

  1. Download the iOS or Android App by searching for “Amwell” at your mobile device’s app store;
  2. Sign-up on the web at;
  3. Sign-up by phone by calling 844-733-3627

See for information regarding telehealth consults .


Informed Health Line

Talk to a Registered Nurse Anytime

With the Informed Health Line, you can speak to a registered nurse about health issues that are on your mind — whenever you need to.* Plus —

  • It's toll-free. Call 800-638-8432 and select the prompt for the 24-hour nurse advice line.
  • You can call as many times as you need — at no extra cost.
  • Your covered family members can use it, too.

You could save time, money and a trip to the ER

You can turn to the Informed Health Line for helpful information — instead of an unneeded trip to the emergency room (ER). That can be a money-saver. Plus, you’ll be able to make smarter health decisions. You’ll have reliable information you can trust — and it’s only a phone call or click away.

*While only your doctor can diagnose, prescribe or give medical advice, the Informed Health Line nurses can provide information on more than 5,000 health topics. Contact your doctor first with any questions or concerns regarding your health care needs.

More reasons to use the Informed Health Line

You can:

  • Get information on a wide range of health and wellness topics
  • Make better health care decisions
  • Find out more about a medical test or procedure
  • Get help preparing for a visit to your doctor
  • Receive emails with links to videos that relate to your question or topic

Your online source for health information

Prefer to go online for health information? Check out the Informed Health Line page on your secure member website, Aetna Navigator.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Send us an email.
  • Use our symptom checker.
  • Learn about treatment options and health risks.
  • Research a medicine, and more.

It explains things in terms that are easy to understand. And it’s easy to get to — once you’re a member, just go to and select Aetna Navigator and log in.

Two ways to get health information fast

  1. Call a registered nurse anytime toll-free at 800-638-8432 and select the prompt for the 24-hour nurse line.
  2. Visit Aetna Navigator, your secure member portal.

Get health information — when and where you need it. Put the Informed Health Line to work for you.


Aetna In Touch Care (ITC) program

The Aetna In Touch Care (ITC) program offers you:

  • Ongoing, one-on-one phone calls with a nurse who serves as a trusted resource for you and your family
  • Digital support that provides a variety of resources to help you better manage your health
  • Customized health action plans based on your needs and preferences

To start using the digital support of Aetna ITC, log in to your secure member website, Aetna Navigator®. First-time users will need to register, and then go to your health dashboard.

We’re committed to giving you all the support you deserve. That’s why we offer both digital and nurse support, and you can move easily between the two.

You’ll benefit from many digital health and wellness related programs and resources:

  • Personal health record – organize and store your health history and information, plus get health alerts and notifications.
  • Health assessment – get a custom, step-by-step plan based on questions about your health and habits.
  • Health Decision Support – learn about your health care and treatment options.
  • Online coaching programs – find dynamic health coaching programs that give you personalized support.

Aetna Health Dashboard – view your health information, and find entry points tot health and wellness programs and resources.

Aetna ITC Program also includes a Social Work Program designed to improve the quality of life by taking steps to help members locate the right resources.

Social workers can help connect plan members with community resources that can provide services to them in times of need. Some examples include:

  • Local food pantries
  • Utility or rental assistance programs
  • Home-delivered meal services
  • Support groups
  • Counseling services

Social workers can refer our members to Federal and state programs, such as:

  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid

Our social workers are licensed and degreed professionals who work in a variety of settings, including government and non-profit organizations, hospitals, schools and clinics. Social workers also help treat mental, emotional, and behavioral issues in clinical settings.

Compassionate Care Program:

The Compassionate Care Program is designed to improve the quality of life through health condition management and to reduce costs for members with advanced illness, including those facing imminent end-of-life decisions. It provides tools and information to encourage advance planning for the kind of issues often associated with an advanced illness, such as living wills, advance directives, and tips on how to begin conversations about these issues with loved ones. This program is designed to provide quality of life improvement through health condition management and to reduce costs for members at the end of life through timely member and caregiver education. It encourages better use of community-based services and resources, systemic palliative care integration and enhanced hospice utilization and retention. This program is a voluntary program provided to you and your dependents at no additional cost.

If you would like to contact the Plan for more information about the ITC Program, please call 800-638-8432. We are available to assist you Monday-Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m Eastern Time (MST).

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