Discover Your Sleep Score with Sleepio

Sleepio is an online sleep improvement program proven to help you clear your mind, get better sleep, and have better days. Sleepio takes your unique needs and builds you a personalized six-week program, with sessions that guide you step by step through evidence-based methods. In about 20 minutes per week, you can quiet your racing mind, reshape behaviors, and get better sleep.

Sleepio has been rigorously studied for safety and efficacy just like any sleep medication a doctor would prescribe. In 12 randomized controlled trials with over 13,000 people, Sleepio was proven to help participants fall asleep 54% faster, spend 62% less time awake at night, and have 45% better functioning the next day.

Sleepio is available at no cost to Rural Carrier Benefit Plan members and their covered dependents 18+. To get started, visit