Conquer Back and Joint Pain

We will provide all the tools you need at no cost!

The Rural Carrier Benefit Plan (RCBP) is partnering with Hinge Health to help you get back to the activities you love. Hinge Health offers innovative digital programs for back, knee, hip, neck and shoulder pain in easy-to-do 15-minute exercise therapy sessions. Register now and join the thousands of people who have cut their pain by over 60%. 

Hinge Health LogoBest of all, this program is available at no cost to you and your family members over 18 enrolled in the RCBP. Once enrolled, you’ll receive the Hinge Health Welcome Kit, which includes a tablet computer and wearable motion sensors that’ll guide you through the exercises. You’ll also be connected to a personal health coach who will tailor the program to your needs and be with you every step of the way. So, if back or joint pain is stopping you from the things you love, register today

If you have questions, call 855-902-2777 or email for more information.

*Members and dependents 18+ enrolled in RCBP are eligible.