The Rural Carrier Benefit Plan wants to help you be at your healthiest.

Are you ready to take advantage of your benefits? Discover how your RCBP wellness incentives can really make a difference. Members over the age of 18 who participate in the Plan’s Wellness Incentive programs can earn up to $400 in rewards each calendar year!

  • Take a Health Risk Assessment Reward: $100 will be deposited to a PayFlex® Debit Card
  • Complete a biometric screening through Quest Diagnostics and will be deposited to a PayFlex® Debit Card

It is easy to get started. Take your Health Risk Assessment today.

A Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is like an interview you take online. It is not that much different from the questions your doctor would ask during an annual checkup. You share information about your health habits and history. Then, you get a personalized health summary that can help you understand your health needs.

Once you know your health needs, you can set meaningful goals for yourself. Whether you need to lose a few pounds, quit smoking, improve your diet, or manage your overall health more effectively, the wellness tools from the RCBP can help you achieve your goals.

Take your Health Risk Assessment

  1. Visit your Aetna Member Website and log on or register.
  2. Click on the Health and Wellness at the top of the page. Click on Explore resources under Discover a Healthier You and proceed to the Member Engagement Portal.
  3. Complete your free assessment
  4. If you prefer, you can complete your HRA telephonically by calling TrestleTree at 1-855-553-5109

The online version takes about 10 minutes; the phone conversation takes about 15 minutes.

Complete a biometric screening at a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center (PSC), request a home kit, or from your physician by having your physician complete a Biometric Screening Physician Results Form and submitting it to Quest Diagnostics. A Biometric Screening obtained through your physician is generally done during a routine physical examination.

Register for your Biometric Screening

  • Visit and enter the registration key RCBP
  • Locate a PSC location or request a home kit
  • Or, print a copy of the Biometric Screening Physician Results Form to take to your physician.
  • Call 1-855-623-9355 to register by phone

Healthy Actions

Members with the following conditions may be eligible to earn up to $50 for each incentive to be deposited on a Payflex card:

  • Pregnant
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Tobacco users who eliminate tobacco

New for 2022, members who complete any of the following Healthy Actions earn additional incentives:

  • Get your breast cancer screening and earn $50
  • Get your cervical cancer screening (pap smear) and earn $50
  • Get your colorectal cancer screening and earn $50
  • Get your flu shot and earn $25
  • Participate in our Telephonic Health Coaching Program and complete 6 coaching sessions and earn $75
  • Select a primary care physician (PCP) and earn $25

After you complete each activity, the plan will deposit the amount earned onto your PayFlex Debit Card. Your account can reimburse you for your cost-sharing amounts (such as deductibles, coinsurance and copays) and certain “Eligible Medical Expenses” approved by the IRS. The incentive is paid after the claim for the service is received.

Any future wellness incentives will be loaded on the same card. Please allow at least 4 weeks after completing a wellness activity for incentives earned to be deposited. You can use your Payflex debit card to pay for certain unreimbursed medical expenses such as deductible, coinsurance, copays and other “Eligible Medical Expenses” approved by the IRS. To monitor the funds on your Payflex debit card, call the number on the back of your Payflex debit card, or visit

See Section 5(h), Special Features, Wellness Incentives in your official plan brochure for complete details.


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