When you use a CVS ® Pharmacy, you’re responsible for paying your deductible and coinsurance. Because a CVS Caremark Pharmacy submits your claim electronically, you’ll avoid the hassle of submitting a paper claim.

You’re limited to your initial prescription and two refills at a CVS Caremark Pharmacy or at a non-participating pharmacy. You must use the CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy or CVS Pharmacy for a continuing supply of a long-term medication after three fills.

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Non-Participating Pharmacies

When you use a non-participating pharmacy, you pay your entire prescription amount up front. You’ll also need to file a claim with us for reimbursement using the Pharmacy Claim Form.

Save money and make the most of your benefit plan by choosing the generic or preferred brand equivalent. Be sure to share the Prescription Drug Guide/Formulary with your doctor when a drug is prescribed.