What is Form 1095-B?

Form 1095-B provides information about the individuals in your family (yourself, spouse, and dependents) who had certain health coverage (called “minimum essential coverage”) for any part of the year. Minimum essential coverage includes government-sponsored programs, eligible employer-sponsored plans, individual market plans, and other coverage the Department of Health and Human Services designates as minimum essential coverage. The Rural Carrier Benefit Plan is considered minimum essential coverage. You do not need to send the IRS these forms.

Members who live in in California, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island will receive a form in the mail, due to state requirements, by the end of February. If you live outside of one of the states listed above or you need a duplicate form, you can request a Form 1095-B.

How can you request your Form 1095-B?

  • Call customer service at 1-800-638-8432 (TTY: 711)
  • Send a message through the Aetna member website

You will receive your Form 1095-B within 30 days of your request.

For more information about Form 1095-B please visit https://www.irs.gov/affordable-care-act/questions-and-answers-about-health-care-information-forms-for-individuals